the future of Bass Strait energy is renewable

About Brookvale Energy:

Brookvale Energy is an Australian private offshore renewable energy exploration and development company that is focused on projects that can significantly impact and accelerate Australia’s clean energy transition.

Brookvale was founded in 2017 by Glen Kierse, an international expert in infrastructure and energy development. During a professional career of over 30 years, Glen has been a leader in some of the world’s largest and most influential financial, infrastructure and government organizations in Australia and globally including:  World Bank Group, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet of the Australian Government, Macquarie Group, ANZ Banking Group and Westpac.

Brookvale Energy has assembled an internationally recognised team of renewable energy experts and consultants to help identify and develop its first major offshore renewable project.

Brookvale Energy has identified a number of potential locations for the initial development of a utility scale offshore wind project within Bass Strait and will continue a process of pre-feasibility analysis to site and deliver the Bass Offshore Wind Energy Project.

Why Offshore Wind:

Offshore Wind Energy is revolutionizing electricity markets around the world, with projects totalling USD 100B under development in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia powering a rapid transition from coal to renewables.

Offshore Wind Energy projects are attractive given their consistent high wind speeds, possess immense scalability due to their maritime location and do not adversely impact coastal communities or their natural environments.

Economic impacts from large scale offshore renewable energy investment are revitalizing regional coastal communities globally with significant jobs generated in construction, maintenance, maritime and services.

Bass Offshore Wind Energy Project:

The Bass Offshore Wind Energy Project, to be based in Northern Tasmania, will enhance Tasmania’s status as a global renewable energy powerhouse. BOWE will be able to scale to take advantage of Tasmania’s world-class offshore wind resources and the rapid advances in technology and lowering of offshore wind energy development costs.

Brookvale Energy’s development of an offshore wind project on the north coast of Tasmania will facilitate other strategic projects including:

  • The Marinus link project
  • Support the basis for the Battery of the Nation
  • Provide fundamental medium and longer support to the rapidly changing NEM, and
  • Provide high value green electrons to power the Bell Bay green hydrogen hub and Advanced Manufacturing Zone

All these factors support the Tasmanian Government’s global leading target of 200% renewable energy.

The BOWE project will be able to scale up to 2GW to be delivered across multiple stages (stage 1 of c.500MW).

Our team includes some of the world’s largest offshore technology companies and investors.

The project will create significant short term and long-term employment opportunities with the delivery, management and operation of the project including research, marine engineering, fabrication and construction, vessels and delivery headquarters.

BOWE will increase large scale network power supply supporting the government’s planned/supported investments in Battery of the Nation, Marinus Link and the development of a hydrogen industry.  The project will also provide the State of Tasmania with greater flexibility and opportunity to manage the State’s water resources, defer major transmission upgrades, whilst mitigating the environmental and community impacts realised by onshore renewable energy projects.

Why Tasmania –

role in a national offshore wind market

There are a range of macro economic drivers, both in terms of the current and future position and dynamics of the market as well as macro demand and supply forces that are all supporting the development of an offshore wind industry within Australia.  Victoria is already in the process of the establishment of an industry – these same market factors are also supported in the development of a dedicated industry within Tasmania.


  • Federal and State funding to develop Marinus Link & Battery of Nation PHES will provide greater connectivity opportunities for Tasmanian energy sector to meet the mainlands energy needs
  • Falling cost of PV and strong uptake in the NEM requiring generation at alternate segments of the day (in high peak demand times) which support large scale wind projects with high capacity profiles
  • The demand for such renewable energy projects will only increase over time with the projected retiring coal fired generation hastening the transition to a renewable grid


  • The wind profile in Tasmania being complimentary to the Victorian markets needs.  Higher capacity factors with some of the best wind resources in the world
  • There has historically been planning issues with the development of onshore windfarms within Tasmania
  • Improvements in technology and processes has significantly reduced the costs associated with the construction of offshore wind farms
  • These reductions in construction costs as well as the generally superior capacity factors achieved has meant that top tier off shore wind farms can provide comparable commercial opportunity as onshore wind farms

Network Security

  • Balancing of onshore wind and PV will become more critical as the NEM power mix evolves
  • Generation from the project will strongly support the feasibility of the Marinus link and Battery of the Nation initiatives.
  • Low cost locally available energy will support jobs and industry which may include hydrogen, resource or process industries.
  • Tasmania’s maritime related industries will strongly support the development and growth of an offshore energy sector.
  • Local skills and jobs will develop local business capability in the offshore energy sector which is set to boom throughout the region.